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Benefits of location intelligence in the industrial world

A standard to measure the manufacturing productivity is the Overall Equipment Effectiveness “OEE”, which defines the percentage of truly productive manufacturing time. In order to obtain the best results it is important to minimize as much as possible the factors that affect the OEE.

Machinery Maintenance

Reduction of intervention time and costs & reduction of unexpected downtimes of a Mechanical Press Machine, by means of potential failures detection and signals evolutions analysis of critical components.

How location intelligence offered by CREMAnufacture revolutionizes manufacturing in the digital age of Industry 4.0

These are unprecedented times for the manufacturing world. Innovative technology is opening up new opportunities, empowering manufacturers, increasing flexibility and optimizing efficiency. CREMAnufacture is leading this change.

The importance of data analytics

The competitiveness of the automotive industry push companies to make rapid decision to react to the demand and success into the market. To this must be added that client requirements are each time more and more changeable and companies have to be flexible to react on time.

GOIZPER S. COOP., providing reliability to customers by means of CREMA

Clutch Brakes, gear boxes, indexing units, Goizper S. Coop. product, are Mechanical components installed within different kind of machines. This production machines are designed to produce continuously and unplanned downtimes costs a high amount of money. These components are the key part of some of the mentioned machines and the relevant component’s health influences directly in the machine.

Support Ticketing System

The automotive industry is characterized by having a high variety of products that makes companies to have large amounts of manufacturing lines to produce such quantity of outputs on time with the quality standards to satisfy customer requirements.