The importance of data analytics

The importance of data analytics

The competitiveness of the automotive industry push companies to make rapid decision to react to the demand and success into the market. To this must be added that client requirements are each time more and more changeable and companies have to be flexible to react on time.

To be able to adapt fast to stakeholders demand it is important the data visualization but more important the capability to analyse the information provided by the machine and react providing solutions to certain problems; for example providing the best parameters to use to obtain the best results. Here appears the importance of I4.0 and its aim to have “smart” devices:

  • Capable to adapt their behaviour base on learning experience.
  • Apt to learn on their own being in some occasions independent to people instructions.
  • Able to react to unexpected results

For many years companies had been working with the same processes without a deep knowledge on how parameters that can be read from the machine affect or not KPI’s.

Current CREMAnufacture analytics approach is used to represent machines and attributes data against KPI’s, making possible to discover relationships that were not known and optimizing parameters to get the best results.