Design, Optimise, Deploy

The Designer lets you paint, how the work is done, and then helps you to automate it.

The Designer is a full BPMN 2.0 enabled process / workflow editor, which is integrated with the marketplace to list usable services, and with the Optimization, to choose the best services for the job.

First, you describe what should happen with so called “abstract steps”, like “Press Metal”. Then, you can drag in a concrete service of a machine, that can fulfill the job. You can also define steps that represent worker actions, where workers will be notified about their steps, or services that do decisions, like a quality control of a sheet of metal that might let the part go to goods out or to refit.

When you have described the abstract process (“What is going to be done?”), the concrete process (“[Who / which] concrete [worker / machine / service] will do the action?”) can be either manually selected or defined at run-time by the Optimization component, which chooses the best concrete available machines / workers / services based on previously defined KPI's.

You can create sub-processes, reuse all processes you have made once, can import and export processes, and let them get executed with our Process Execution Engine.