CREMAnufacture Location and Visibility Toolbox provides real-time operational awareness, flexible control and data-driven insights that enable smarter decisions for optimal process execution. The toolbox allows any asset to be modeled and monitored. Information can be presented in many different formats including 3D maps, schematic displays, dynamic reports and alerts and messages. It makes sense of movement in any environment and allows manufacturers to integrate spatial real world monitoring and analysis into their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Via the deployment of location sensing technologies, CREMAnufacture accurately identifies and locates process-critical assets in real-time and consolidates enterprise business systems. Thus, manufacturers can eliminate the errors resulting from manual processes. They can instantly identify critical issues and know the real-time status of operations.


This offers manufacturers:

  • Measurable cost reduction with lean, optimized procedures throughout the assembly process
  • Guaranteed productivity gains as errors and wasted time are reduced or eliminated
  • Reduced cost of quality by maximizing “right first time” and reducing the cost of rework